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Exhibition “Portraits of women – women’s stories”

Gemälde "Iranische Frau" aus der Ausstellung "Frauenportraits - Frauengeschichten" von Tina Böhm

8. Januar | 11:30 14. April | 17:00


Tina Böhm

“Frauenportraits – Frauengeschichten“



The portraits of women that Tina Böhm has created are larger than life. Some of the women achieved public fame during their lifetime. Other portraits are of supposedly “insignificant” women whose gaze or story appealed to the artist.

But they all have one thing in common: they are strong women who have an outer and inner radiance and who captivate the viewer with their gaze. They meet the viewer and draw them into the large canvases that were once maps in school lessons.

The lines of the rivers, the names of the cities or the colour of the countries are not always completely painted over, but shine through more in some works and only very subtly in others. Rivers can thus become veins, the colour of the map merges with the skin of the person depicted. In most cases, the content of the chosen map refers to the biography of the painted woman.

Known and unknown women look at the viewer as if they were telling them their own, very personal story of their lives. These are big or small life stories, but they all have political or social relevance and are about strength, courage, creativity and joie de vivre.

The Kulturcafé Nepomuk is a place where an open, tolerant society is lived. Here, the pictures can enter into an open dialogue with the viewers and also stimulate this among themselves.

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Did you already know? All pictures (unless there is a red dot on the title label) are for sale. Please send an email to kunst@nepomuk-reutlingen.de to contact us. Important: all pictures remain hanging in the Nepomuk until the end of the exhibition. No exception possible.

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