We are a self-governing collective. This means we have flat hierarchies, a say and o bosses who decide everything on their own. Here we show consideration for each other and respect the needs of others. Each member of staff is an equal and valuable part of the team. We value social interaction at eye level.

Self-administration means the willingness to do one’s work responsibly and to think outside the box by supporting each other in order to establish the most loving cooperation possible. Our goal is nothing less than to create the most beautiful workplace in the world for everyone. The view of the big picture is particularly important.

Internally, we are organized through various divisional groups. For example, there are groups for the kitchen and for the service. Everyone has a say, which means that every employee can participate in the groups and contribute criticism or suggestions. We organize ourselves with the flattest possible hierarchies.
The final decision-making authority is the coordination meeting with those responsible for the divisionalgroups. Our decisions are made by consensus, which is an ongoing learning process and requires tolerance and respect from everyone.

Some of us have been active in Nepomuk for many years but we often have new members. We are therefore a dynamic colorful team in which every form of experience is needed and a high level of commitment is essential.

We do always need support, so if you feel like taking on the challenges of self-managed gastronomy and want to experience what work that doesn’t feel like work is like, then please get in touch with us. Get more information here.

Note that you should speak German fluently if you wish to work in service.

If you want to learn more about us, our history, and the idea of self-governance, check out the interview we recently did online with our founders and staff. Unfortunately it is in German. Hopefully you understand that it takes too much effort for us to add a translation but you could try the automatic English translation by YouTube.

Nepomuk Talk – In touch with our roots

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