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21. September @ 8:00 14. November @ 17:00

Vicky Jocher

“The Circles and Colours of Life”

Mixed media on canvas

Das Leben hat immer Kreise ©vickyjocher2021 mixed media 100x100cm

“The paintings have their origin in the fact that I love color very much. For 3 decades, I always have the urge to put colors next to each other so that they play and also resonate with each other. When I see old doors and windows in a southern country, where decades have built up layer upon layer, and these color applications then burst open in the dry sun, and these stand next to each other in the elevation to each other, then I am insanely happy to see this.

Therein then lies the attraction for me to reproduce something like that, but just as an artist. That is my inspiration, but never a direct reproduction. This already exists, in the shutters and door frames. Because without representation there is only abstract. Pure abstract. Then when painting come the influences of thoughts, which then awaken feelings, and then the colors, the brushstrokes and the image in turn influence. The game of art. Everything, life and art goes in circles and stands in colors.”

Vicky Jocher

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