Too good for the trash

Bananas with brown spots or bread that has already exceeded the best-before date – food is often still edible even if it is no longer fresh. Unfortunately, far too much food is still thrown away. The initiative Foodsharing is committed to saving food from the garbage can. Rescued food usually finds a place in a “Fairteiler”, where it is waiting to be taken and eaten.

The Fairteiler:

A Fairteiler with cabinets and a refrigerator can also be found in our beer garden – directly opposite our entrance, at the back of our blue counter house. During our opening hours from 11:30 to 00:00 the Fairteiler is available for you. Everyone is allowed to help themselves there and bring something there as well (according to the guidelines). So stop in and be part of the movement against senseless waste!

More info is available at

By the way – We also do our best to avoid food waste in our kitchen. That’s why we have special dishes with limited quantities and our chefs often conjure up delicious dishes from leftover ingredients. We do not throw away anything that is still good!

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