Save the Nepomuk!

The Corona crisis has hit us hard. After a year of painful losses, both financial and emotional, our struggle has become existential. Already last year, we were barely able to keep operations running during the lockdown months. Meanwhile, we can not even afford the take-away business anymore. Restrictions and limitations have left their mark on all remaining employees after a year of regulatory confusion. Even the financial aid by the government is unfortunately still delayed.

The Nepomuk has been an inherent part of Reutlingen’s gastronomic scene for almost 40 years, providing a colorful and diverse look to Reutlingen with its socio-cultural touch. Never in its long history has it actually been as endangered and dependent on the help of the community as it is now.

We need your financial aid! Your support can help preserve a part of your city that has grown organically over decades. Once it is destroyed, nothing can replace it…

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IBAN: DE03 4306 0967 0072 6784 02
Subject: Nepomukerhalt

** Unfortunately we can not issue a receipt.

By the way: We would like to give something back. All supporters will soon be able to receive a Nepomuk bag as a thank you. You can find more information here.

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Preserved jar dishes at fridi

New: Although we can’t open at the moment, you can now buy our preserved dishes at fridi Unverpackt! This way you can bring home delicious Nepomuk dishes in a beautiful preserving jar – or simply give them as a gift.

For some time now, we have been cooking soups, curries and stews in jars, giving us delicious and healthy ready-made meals to take home. If it has to go quickly or no desire to cook arises, the glass dishes are ideal, because they only need to be heated and are immediately ready to eat. Nevertheless, they are in no way inferior to a freshly cooked meal, because the soups, curries and stews are rich, filling and healthy!

In addition, they have a very long shelf life and can be well stored in stock. Canning is a proven method of preserving food. Our grandparents already knew that. That’s why the dishes do not need any preservatives.

Sustainable delicacies

Only genuine Nepomuk quality goes into the jars. We get most of the ingredients fresh, seasonal and from regional and responsible sources. Of course, no flavor enhancers are added. Leftover ingredients can also be used in the soups, curries and stews. This is how we avoid waste.

By the way, the packaging is much more sustainable than plastic or paper, because glass can be reused very often. To ensure that this happens, we charge a glass deposit of 3€ and thus achieve a cycle in which we can clean and refill the glasses again and again.

When we open again, you can buy the jars from us, until then you can pick up your jar dish at the unpacked store fridi Unverpackt in Reutlingen and Tübingen. With your purchase you support us!

Interview at Wüste Welle

Yesterday, Friday March 19, we gave a live interview as part of the LOKALMAGAZIN in the independent radio Wüste Welle! In the process, four Nepomuk members from the “KneipenTreff” have talked about the functioning of self-administration, our internal structures and our currently threatened existence.

The interview and a short version are now available on the Wüste Welle website:

Tonight at 22:00 there is the disco with Djane Kerstin in the Wüste Welle to listen to as a final!

Listen online via or on the radio via 96.6 mhz UKW Tü/Rt | 97.45 mhz Kabel Tü/Rt.

New website!

Tadaa! We have already announced it, from today there is the promised change with us:
With pride we can present you our new WEBSITE! For many months we have been working on it, together with our dear former colleague Jakob from TezmoMedia, who has conjured us a modern, well-organized and appealing site.

Largely on a voluntary basis, we and a dedicated team have filled the pages with life over the past few months. It not only looks more modern, but also gives us new opportunities to transmit our values and content and to communicate with you. In the future, you will be able to find out everything about new events or the current lunch table here. There is also a complete English translation for all non-German speaking people. What else can you discover? Feel free to have a look around!

Our new address is:
No longer We are much more than just a cafe and since we want to show that to the outside world, we decided to change our domain. But don’t worry, the old domain will still work normally for a while.

The new website is also symbolic of a new start. We remain what we are, of course, but we are getting rid of some old, dusty things in order to rise from the crisis with new strength and new ideas. Your support encourages us not to give up and to look forward to the future again. Together with you we will make it!

Thank you all supporters!


A big thank you to our guests and sponsors!

Recently, we started a call for help: The lockdown has brought Nepomuk, which has been run with much heart and soul for almost 40 years, to the brink of insolvency – a unique situation in the long collective history. In this predicament, Hannah Möller actively supported us with an empathetic and understanding appeal in the Schwäbisches Tagblatt – the result was very overwhelming and touched us deeply! This is not only a great help, for which we thank all sponsors very much and which helps us further, but it is also an incentive for each of the 40 employees of our collective to fight for the survival of the Nepomuk. This support motivates us to persevere until we can open our doors again.

Keep supporting us! More info can be found here.

See you soon and thank you very much,

The lockdown situation

Unfortunately, we remain completely closed for an indefinite period of time!

We are unable to offer take-away or delivery service at this time due to our difficult situation in this lockdown.

Unfortunately, the financial help from the state has been very long in coming. Thus it is critical for us and we are dependent on financial support. We will remain closed until the lockdown ends.

We hope that you can forgive us. Here and via our social media channels we will keep you informed about any changes. Come well through the time and stay healthy!