Take Home

You can order all our food and drinks to go. We will pack your food in your own containers or in our environmentally friendly sugar cane packaging. It´s a good idea to call us in advance if you need to go fast or if your order is large.

Enjoy at home or give away

Conveniently packaged and ready to go are our homemade Maultaschen and our ready-made dishes in a preserving jar. Or how about a bottle of Nepomuk Chardonnay as a gift?

Our Maultaschen

You can take home our homemade Maultaschen (6 pieces) vacuumed! We have two different stuffings.

8,50 €
10,50 €

For those who don´t know: Maultaschen are a classic swabian meal consisting of pasta dough and stuffing. They can be easily prepared by frying or boiling them.

Dishes in a jar

A changing selection of soups, curries and stews is now available to take home! We cook the dishes in a jar to make them long-lasting – without using any preservatives.
This allows you to always have a supply of delicious and healthy dishes at home that only need to be warmed up. Also great as a gift!

Glass deposit
3 €

By the way: Currently you can also purchase our jar dishes at fridi Unverpackt in Reutlingen.

Bottles to go

Our specialties in the bottle to go:

Regional elderflower syrup 1,0l
14,00 €

from Sambucus, Dominic Ruepp

Nepomuk sparkling wine 0,7l
19,80 €

Chardonnay, dry, Schloss Affaltrach
(Bottle label with the Nepomuk logo)

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