Lunch table

Our daily changing lunch meals are sophistically prepared, always vegetarian and often vegan or low in gluten**.

…and there is still time for an espresso, a delicious dessert or our homemade cake.

The food is also available to take away. We have containers, but better yet, you bring some with you.

Our lunch in Dezember

Do, 01.12
Green beans in tomato sauce with pilaf riceveganlow gluten
Fr, 02.12
Risotto with mushrooms low gluten
Di, 06.12
Spaghetti mit Soja-Bolognese vegan if desired
Mi, 07.12
Mashed potatoes with red cabbage and onion sauceveganlow gluten
Do, 08.12
Fruity paprika goulash with smoked tofu & basmati riceveganlow gluten
Fr, 09.12
Aubergine Curry with Basmati riceveganlow gluten
Di, 13.12
Palak Paneer with Basmati ricelow gluten
Mi, 14.12
Spinach dumplings with gorgonzola sauce
Do, 15.12
Dal Makhani Belugalentildal with Basmati riceveganlow gluten
Fr, 16.12
Rainbow lasagne with mozzarella crust
Di, 20.12
Spinach with potatoes and scrambled eggs
Mi, 21.12
Spicy potato-pasta vegetables veganlow gluten
Do, 22.12
Tagliatelle with arugula and almond saucevegan
Fr, 23.12
Crispy pretzel cheese dumplings with grass-green velouté and roasted savoy cabbage
Di, 27.12
Ribbon noodles with parsley root sauce
Mi, 28.12
Spiced pumpkin from the oven with creamy millet and cheese spinachlow gluten
Do, 29.12
Lentils with homemade spaetzle, optionally with string sausage
Fr, 30.12
Asian noodles with vegetablesveganlow gluten
Sa, 31.12

A special offer is our loyalty pass. If you eat with us ten times within four weeks, you get the eleventh lunch for free!
Just ask our service for a loyalty pass when you place your next order.

**Note: We avoid the term gluten-free because we also process gluten-containing products in our kitchen and therefore cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free. However, we use, if marked as low gluten, only gluten-free ingredients. The same applies to low-lactose dishes.

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