Lunch table

Our daily changing lunch meals are sophistically prepared, always vegetarian and often vegan or low in gluten**.

…and there is still time for an espresso, a delicious dessert or our homemade cake.

The food is also available to take away. We have containers, but better yet, you bring some with you.

Our lunch in April

Di, 02.04
“Dal Makhani” beluga lentil dal with basmati rice low gluten
Mi, 03.04
Celery escalope with mashed potatoes & onion sauce vegan
Do, 04.04
Creamy polenta with oven vegetables & salted almonds veganlow gluten
Fr, 05.04
Spaghetti with vegan soya bolognese and parmesan vegan if desired
Di, 09.04
Aubergine and chickpea curry with basmati rice veganlow gluten
Mi, 10.04
Creamed spinach & beetroot vegetables with boiled potatoes and fried egg low gluten
Do, 11.04
Cheese spaetzle with fried onions
Fr, 12.04
Penne with colourful vegetable pan veganlow gluten
Di, 16.04
Golden mung bean dal with basmati rice veganlow gluten
Mi, 17.04
Potato gratin with creamed leek and vegetables low gluten
Do, 18.04
Swabian lentils with spelt spaetzle and string sausage on request
Fr, 19.04
Spirelli with olives, capers, dried tomatoes and fresh rocola vegan
Di, 23.04
Mild chilli sin carne with vegan mince and basmati rice veganlow gluten
Mi, 24.04
Red cabbage with mashed potatoes and onion sauce veganlow gluten
Do, 25.04
Parmesan bread dumplings with creamed spinach
Fr, 26.04
Linguine in a lemon and feta cheese sauce with roasted courgettes and peppers
Di, 30.04
“Palak Paneer” spinach curry with homemade cream cheese and basmati rice low gluten

A special offer is our loyalty pass. If you eat with us ten times within four weeks, you get the eleventh lunch for free!
Just ask our service for a loyalty pass when you place your next order.

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