Reopening on June 8!

Do you feel them too, those spring fever feelings? After a seven-month lockdown, the Nepomuk is finally coming back to life. We can hardly believe it ourselves, and after such a long time we already feel a bit rusty. But the thought of opening the doors to you again soon makes our hearts beat faster.
The past months have been hard, but Corona, short-time work and existential threats have not broken us. Instead, we are even more excited to get going again and to start with new ideas and concepts.

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Interview at Wüste Welle

Yesterday, Friday March 19, we gave a live interview as part of the LOKALMAGAZIN in the independent radio Wüste Welle! In the process, four Nepomuk members from the “KneipenTreff” have talked about the functioning of self-administration, our internal structures and our currently threatened existence.

New website!

Tadaa! We have already announced it, from today there is the promised change with us:
With pride we can present you our new WEBSITE! For many months we have been working on it, together with our dear former colleague Jakob from TezmoMedia, who has conjured us a modern, well-organized and appealing site.

Save the Nepomuk!

The Corona crisis has hit us hard. After a year of painful losses, both financial and emotional, our struggle has become existential. Already last year, we were barely able to keep operations running during the lockdown months. Meanwhile, we can not even afford the take-away business anymore. Restrictions and limitations have left their mark on all remaining employees after a year of regulatory confusion. Even the financial aid by the government is unfortunately still delayed.

The lockdown situation

Unfortunately, we remain completely closed for an indefinite period of time!

We are unable to offer take-away or delivery service at this time due to our difficult situation in this lockdown.

Unfortunately, the financial help from the state has been very long in coming. Thus it is critical for us and we are dependent on financial support. We will remain closed until the lockdown ends.

We hope that you can forgive us. Here and via our social media channels we will keep you informed about any changes. Come well through the time and stay healthy!

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