We are looking for employees

We are looking for employees in the service and kitchen!

You are a team player and communicative, flexible and in the best case even already have gastronomic experience? If you want to be part of the team and work with us in the long term, we look forward to receiving your application! 📧📬

You can either send your application directly to our email address bewerbung@nepomuk-reutlingen.de or via the contact form on our website nepomuk-reutlingen.de, under Contact.

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

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Do you miss our breakfast buffet?

Do you miss our breakfast buffet as much as we do? Unfortunately, we haven’t offered our delicious breakfast buffet since the Corona pandemic began. But we’re working on bringing it back! 🍳🧀

On Sunday 20.03. from 10:00 we offer you a seasonally changing selection of mainly vegan and vegetarian dishes from regional and organic farming, but also a Vesperplatte with sausage from the butcher Karl may not be missing, as well as a fine cheese selection.
Something warm is also always offered, such as fresh scrambled eggs or fried foods like cheese sticks, apple rings or spring rolls. Our homemade Maultaschen filling is available to try in meatball form.
Changing homemade dips, for example hummus, olive cream or feta cream are prepared for you.
For those with a sweet tooth, there are always various sweet treats, such as our vegan chocolate coconut pudding, cream puffs, chocolate croissants and much more.

The buffet will cost €18.90 per person. Children from 4 to 12 years pay 1,- € per year of age. We ask for advance reservation by phone, mail. Please register with us in large numbers and as early as possible, so that we can estimate the number of guests 🙂

Thank you for your support!

♥️ A big thank you to our guests and sponsors! ♥️

As of the end of February 2022, we received a total of another 16000€ in support, many, many thanks for this. Because we receive so many large and small amounts, it is not possible for us to respond to each donor personally.

Your support motivates us to keep going!

(PS: You support us sustainably when you come over for a nice dinner with your loved ones).

See you soon and thank you very much,
Your Nepomuk team 💙


Last Friday our lunch table went incredibly well, so even the leftover daily meals from the day before had to serve. Here you can see a short excerpt of our pass-through from Friday.
Our delicious lunch is always available Tuesdays-Fridays from 11:30-14:00 😋🙌 Every day freshly cooked, refined prepared, pure vegetarian and often vegan and low gluten.

Your Nepomuk team 💙

The current corona regulations

On February 23, there were changes in the Corona regulation. So you know what currently applies, here is an overview:
For restaurant access, the outdoor and indoor warning level is 3G, meaning vaccinated, recovered, and tested persons have access to the restaurant.
For contact restrictions, 1 household plus 10 additional persons applies if persons are not vaccinated/ recovered. Vaccinated and recovered persons, – persons up to and including 13 years of age and – persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are not counted in the contact restrictions. Couples who do not live together count as one household.

Your Nepomuk team 💙

Our seitangyros

Have you tried our delicious seitangyros yet?
Our seitangyros is far different from the classic gyros, as it is made purely from seitan. As a vegan meat alternative, seitan consists of gluten, i.e. wheat protein, and with approximately 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, it is a purely vegetable source of protein. Our seitangyros comes regionally from TOPAS in Mössingen and is organic, vegan and palm oil-free.

Our seitangyros is in no way inferior to the original. A mixture of crispy fried seitan as well as peppers, olives, chili peppers and onions combined with crispy fries and a dip of your choice, you will want for nothing here.

Come visit us and try our delicious seitangyros 😊

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

Lunch impressions

Here you can see a small overview of daily meals that we have offered over the last year. Our delicious lunch is always available Tuesdays-Fridays from 11:30-14:00 😋🙌 Every day freshly cooked, refined prepared, pure vegetarian and often vegan and low gluten.

Your Nepomuk team 💙

Our lentil bolognese

Have you already tried our delicious lentil bolognese?
As a vegan alternative, our lentil bolognese is far different from the classic bolognese because we prepare it purely vegetable and with lots of vegetables. The lentils as well as the vegetables come regionally from Hakopaxan in Engstingen. In addition, lentils are a very good source of protein and have a good portion of magnesium and fiber.

As a recurring daily meal, it enjoys great popularity among you, our guests. It can even happen that a portion is taken for home.

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

We could enjoy the first rays of sun

Last week we were able to enjoy the first rays of sunshine. With delicious food and snuggled up in blankets, the first sun worshippers have already made themselves comfortable.

Hopefully we will soon have such nice weather again and the warm days will increase. In the meantime, you can make yourselves comfortable in our great guest room and enjoy, for example, a delicious solidarity-ecological coffee from El Rojito.

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

Our children’s corner

In our play corner your children can play and have fun while you enjoy your meal in peace or chat with your friends over a coffee. If the play corner is no longer enough to run around, our guest room can also become a race track.

We also have something for your little ones on our menu: whether spaetzle, fries and children’s crepes with ice cream, there is something for everyone.

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