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Talk: On the way to the right?


14. November | 19:00 21:00

On the way to the right?

Unhinged crisis interpretations in the pandemic

Talk with Andreas Hässler, (Mobirex)
Moderation: Luca Gemein
Sunday, 14.11.21 at 19:00 o’clock
Admission from 18:30
Language: German
Guestroom Nepomuk, Reutlingen

The Corona pandemic presents society with previously unimagined challenges. The relationship between individual freedoms and solidarity-based coexistence has had to be renegotiated. The far-reaching encroachments on fundamental rights are being accompanied by protests at various levels. In the protest against the infection control measures, crisis interpretations in particular moved into the public focus, giving facets of group-related misanthropy and authoritarian ideas a space. The input will problematize ideological points of contact for right-wing narratives. Furthermore, a discussion on how to counter their influence (also in alternative milieus) will be initiated.

The 2G+ rule applies – due to the new warning level, only vaccinated or recovered persons and persons with a PCR test can gain entry. A rapid test is no longer sufficient!

The talk is limited to 30 people. Pre-registration possible and desired, see contact below.

Social topics in the Nepomuk

The current Corona situation and the resulting division of society is a matter of concern for all of us, including the staff at Nepomuk. Therefore, it was our concern to organize a lecture here, which deals in more detail with the effects of the Corona pandemic on society. We all know that the protests that have arisen give room to authoritarian ideas and group-related misanthropy. Since the Nepomuk team describes itself as tolerant and philanthropic, we want to take a closer look with the speaker from the Mobirex office at where we and you are also influenced by such authoritarian thought patterns and how to deal with them

In order for political topics to find their place here in the Nepomuk again, and it is our concern to become more active here, we want to make lectures with a wide variety of content a fixed part of the Nepomuk again.

Kind regards
Your Nepomuk Team!

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