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Exhibition “Ihr seid voll die Produkte”


30. June @ 12:00 19. September @ 17:00

Diana Barth

“Ihr seid voll die Produkte!” / “You are fully the products”

Paint and plaster on canvas

In Nepomuk I have always found what invigorates and uplifts people: good, healthy food, delicious drinks, cultural diversity and networking, child-friendliness, music and dance.

Exhibiting here also has charm; large space, cosmopolitan spirit, guests who do not come to see and be seen, as is often the case in other exhibitions. Whether the pictures are looked at here is left to chance. They can talk, remain silent, lean on, up or back, just like the guests in the guest room. Art is communicative on various levels and the more intuitive the access, the better it unfolds its essence.

Diana Barth

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