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Exhibition: A journey to yourself


16. Nov 2021 | 17:00 16. Jan 2022 | 17:00

Simone Urbanietz-Preiss

“A journey to yourself” (“Eine Reise zu dir selbst”)

Acrylic, partly pastel chalk, ink on canvas



What is most precious for us, we lose the fastest on our way: the feeling, the love and the understanding for ourselves!

In a world where we have access to everything everywhere at any time, where the Internet is full of coaching offers, people who seem to know what we need, we nevertheless increasingly lose touch with ourselves.  We compare ourselves, look to the left and to the right, but rarely do we keep our eyes on ourselves. We lose ourselves in desires that are not our own, we follow dreams that we have never dreamed, we pursue an apparent vocation that turns out on the road of life that it was never our own.

“With my exhibition, I would like to invite everyone to simply stop on their journey through life, no matter where they are at the moment. To pause. I want to invite to think about whether we are with us, whether we pursue goals that are ours, whether we live according to our values, whether we have our dreams in mind, whether we are with ourselves.”

Art is as diverse and colorful as every single person on this earth! After “The Journey to Happiness”, which was shown at the Kaffeehäuschen in 2019, now follows the sequel “A Journey to Yourself” at Nepomuk Reutlingen.

The artist

Simone Urbanietz-Preiss was born in 1985 in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. She spent her childhood together with her parents and her younger sister in Schlaitdorf until she moved with her parents to Reutlingen. Here she lives until today, now with her husband and her Bernese mountain dog.

Simone Urbanietz-Preiss discovered her passion for art unfortunately late and unfortunately also through a heavy “blow in the face”. It was for her one of the last options to deal with her emotions after the sudden death of her father in 2017. “Being a very “cerebral” person after all, it took me a while to learn to “let go” of what was hindering the process of creation.”


2018 – Solo exhibition Markthalle Reutlingen Atrium – Seelenspiegel

2019 – Group exhibition Villa Eugenia – Rainbow of Art

2019 – Group exhibition KUN:ST Quartier Leonberg – Spring Awakening

2019 – Solo exhibition at Kaffeehäusle Reutlingen – A journey into happiness

2021 – Group exhibition – Art Award Devotion and Abstraction

Member –> GEDOK Reutlingen community of female artists and art supporters e.V.

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