Lunch impressions

Here you can see a small overview of daily meals that we have offered over the last year. Our delicious lunch is always available Tuesdays-Fridays from 11:30-14:00 😋🙌 Every day freshly cooked, refined prepared, pure vegetarian and often vegan and low gluten.

Your Nepomuk team 💙

Our lentil bolognese

Have you already tried our delicious lentil bolognese?
As a vegan alternative, our lentil bolognese is far different from the classic bolognese because we prepare it purely vegetable and with lots of vegetables. The lentils as well as the vegetables come regionally from Hakopaxan in Engstingen. In addition, lentils are a very good source of protein and have a good portion of magnesium and fiber.

As a recurring daily meal, it enjoys great popularity among you, our guests. It can even happen that a portion is taken for home.

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

We could enjoy the first rays of sun

Last week we were able to enjoy the first rays of sunshine. With delicious food and snuggled up in blankets, the first sun worshippers have already made themselves comfortable.

Hopefully we will soon have such nice weather again and the warm days will increase. In the meantime, you can make yourselves comfortable in our great guest room and enjoy, for example, a delicious solidarity-ecological coffee from El Rojito.

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

Our children’s corner

In our play corner your children can play and have fun while you enjoy your meal in peace or chat with your friends over a coffee. If the play corner is no longer enough to run around, our guest room can also become a race track.

We also have something for your little ones on our menu: whether spaetzle, fries and children’s crepes with ice cream, there is something for everyone.

Food-Saving from root to leaf

In Germany, 12 million tons of food waste are produced every year. Of these, 50% are from private households.

In order to counteract this food waste, Nepomuk, in cooperation with Reutlingen University, is launching the Food Saving project. Here, example dishes are used to show how even unwanted parts of vegetables can be used efficiently. The dishes are based on seasonal vegetables and invite you to use the vegetables from your own garden.

We empty our mulled wine and punch stock!

On February 19th we empty our stock of mulled wine and punch. Meanwhile the fire bowl is burning and there is delicious red lentil soup.

As soon as it gets dark, the fire bowl burns – for all those who don’t feel like “being inside” or simply appreciate the cold air.

Mulled wine and punch ……………………….2.50€

Red lentil soup ………………………………………….3.50€

The 3G regulation applies.

The Yeah Blend – visit us and try!

As a colorful coffee alternative, The Yeah Blend is…

…vegan and gluten-free
…with real spices instead of aromas
…without allergens
…without coloring and preservatives

We have*:

  • Green Matcha Latte
  • Golden Turmeric Latte
  • Pink Superfood Latte
  • and vegan vanilla chai

*limited only.

For an introductory price of 3.70€ you can try a delicious Yeah Blend smoothie from. You can enjoy the whole thing hot or cold.

Saturday is cocktail night!

In February we offer you exciting cocktails every Saturday evening from 7 p.m.

Each cocktail is available for 6.50€.

Here we have for you:

  • Gin basil smash with fresh basil
  • Moscow Mule
  • Fruity and minty raspberry mojito
  • ginger beer
  • Ginger ale

 ….also as alcohol-free variants.

From Februar on there will be 10% off on take-away!

We let you benefit from the tax refund. If you want food and drink to go, you can call 07121 / 33 48 28 or come by directly!

On our menu you will find vegetarian, vegan and low-gluten dishes. You can find the menu on our website at

Feel free to bring your own vessels with you. If you don’t want to come into our guest room due to the current regulations, we will be happy to bring your food outside.

Masks are compulsory for take-away food, proof of vaccination or recovery is not required.

The current Corona regulations

At the moment, there are always tightenings and adjustments of the Corona regulations. It is not easy to keep track of them all. So that you know whether and how you can still come to us, here is an overview:

2G plus applies, which means that a negative test result must be submitted in addition to the 2G proof (vaccinated or recovered). However, this does not apply to all. A negative rapid test is not necessary if:

  • Vaccinated people whose second vaccination was not more than three months ago
  • Vaccinated people who have already received a booster vaccination
  • Recovered people whose PCR evidence of a previous infection with the coronavirus was not older than 3 months
  • People for whom there is no STIKO recommendation for a booster vaccination

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