Exhibition: Dream Worlds

From 27.09.22 to 05.11.22 the artist Karin Materna exhibits her exhibition “Dreamworlds” with us.

Karin Materna

Dream Worlds

PanArt on canvas

Tel.: 0174/9335478
E-Mail: karin.materna@gmx.de
Web: www.atelier-k-materna

Social Media:
Instagram: atelier_k_materna

The artist

Karin Materna is very close to nature, she is fascinated by the power of nature, but her motifs are only partially true to nature. On prolonged viewing, however, her works radiate with a mysterious, fairy-tale, often mystically tinged magic.

She started with oil painting, Pan Art means for her a development towards the mystical, the intangible, the fantasy.

Karin Materna would like to focus with her works on the beauty and magic of this world and show in what wonder-full world we live. Her pictures may offer you a time out from everyday life, so that we can find peace and focus on the positive.

The art

In her exhibition “Dream Worlds” she shows pictures in “PanArt”.
The term PanArt is derived from the aphorism of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus:
“Panta rhei” – Everything flows.
The meaning of “Pan” is: all-embracing.
Works full of light, lightness, emotions and color are created. Through the individual view of each viewer grows a very personal connection to the work of art, everyone sees his own world in the images. The colors are made from old recipes with high-quality textile pigments.

Buy images

Did you know? All images (unless there is a red dot on the title tag) are for sale. Also for this please mail to kunst@nepomuk-reutlingen.de to contact us. Important: all pictures will remain in house until the end of the exhibition. No exceptions possible.

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