Exhibition “Landscapes” by Brigitte Conti

From 28.06. to 31.07. you can admire the exhibition “Landscapes” by Brigitte Conti! 🤩

🎨About the artist🎨
Since I retired, since 01.08.2015, I have been painting. A wooden box with oil paints, which I received as a gift a long time ago, made me devote myself to this hobby and the oil paints have cast a spell on me, captivated me and never let me go.

About the exhibition🎨
I mainly paint representational pictures, i.e. plants, people, animals, landscapes, still lifes are currently my themes. Favourite places, dream places, favourite animals play an essential role. My paintings are cheerful and depicted in strong, bright colours. Nevertheless, all my pictures are not agitating, but rather radiate calm. They are meant to trigger a moment of pause in the viewer, of joy, of detachment.

1952 – born in Reutlingen
1959 to 1971 – school years

  • Teacher training at the Päd. Hochschule West-Berlin, first elective subject Fine Arts, second elective subject Theory and Practice of GS
  • 35 years as a primary and secondary school teacher, including 1995 to 2015 at the Schillerschule RT Orschel-Hagen (the last 6 years as deputy headmistress).

All pictures (unless there is a red dot on the title tag) are for sale. Please send an e-mail to kunst@nepomuk-reutlingen.de. Important: all pictures will remain in the Nepomuk until the end of the exhibition. No exception possible.

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