Our seitangyros

Have you tried our delicious seitangyros yet?
Our seitangyros is far different from the classic gyros, as it is made purely from seitan. As a vegan meat alternative, seitan consists of gluten, i.e. wheat protein, and with approximately 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, it is a purely vegetable source of protein. Our seitangyros comes regionally from TOPAS in Mössingen and is organic, vegan and palm oil-free.

Our seitangyros is in no way inferior to the original. A mixture of crispy fried seitan as well as peppers, olives, chili peppers and onions combined with crispy fries and a dip of your choice, you will want for nothing here.

Come visit us and try our delicious seitangyros 😊

Your Nepomuk Team 💙

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