Save the Nepomuk


Already last year we called for financial support. Your donations were overwhelming and let us breathe a sigh of relief for a while. But now we are fighting for our existence again. And the situation is more threatening than ever. High incidences and strict restrictions have kept our tables empty for months. Due to constantly tightening Corona measures, the hurdles for a visit to the restaurant are getting higher and higher. The low number of guests means that we can no longer cover our costs. We continue to wait for government support. So we have no choice but to ask for your help once again.

The Nepomuk has been an integral part of Reutlingen’s gastronomic scene for almost 40 years, providing a colorful and diverse look to Reutlingen with its socio-cultural touch. Never in its long history has it actually been as endangered as it is now and dependent on the help of the community.

We need your financial support! Your help can contribute to the preservation of a part of this city that has grown organically over decades. Once it is destroyed, nothing can replace it.

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