Canceled: Disco at 19. November

Note: Due to stricter Corona rules we unfortunately have to cancel our event.

We hope for better times and will continue to be there for you from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 am.

To all dance enthusiasts,

we dare to run a trial disco on Friday, 19-11-2021 from 21:00 with our much loved Djane Kerstin.

The disco will be a 2-G event, which means you must be vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19.

The proof of this will be checked at the cash desk. The easiest way is to show the proof of vaccination on your cell phone (open it already and have your ID ready). This speeds up the entry procedure of the control.

You can either check in via our Luca app at the entrance, or print out the form below and bring it with you already filled out.

Unlike in the past, the entrance will be entrance only -a one-way road, so to speak. The door to the WC’s will only be used to go out and so that the cashier sees that you have already been checked, you will get a paper band around your wrist. Unfortunately, you have to come back in after the WC via the outside to ensure that it really remains a 2-G event.

The CO² content is measured, the ventilation system provides fresh air and the windows are open until 23:00. After that, the windows are cross-ventilated repeatedly. So please dress sufficiently warm 😉

The entrance fee is 8 € including 1 € for consumption.

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