Our lunch comes back

From 14.09 we are back with fresh and delicious daily dishes for you!
In order to be able to offer the lunch table as usual, there will then be self-service during lunchtime. Don’t worry, the food will come to your table as usual. Only the food and beverage order you have to make at the counter.

NOTE: On Friday 17.09. there will be our lunch from 11:30 as usual. The statement that we open on this day only in the evening is no longer valid.

So, how does it work?

  1. Grab contact sheet
  2. Choose table and remember number
  3. Go to the counter and order and pay immediately
  4. Return to the table and wait for the food, which will be brought to your table!
  5. Take your dishes to the clearing station

That’s it already. We look forward to seeing you! Tell it on, from 14.09.21 there is lunch again in Nepomuk starting from 11:30.

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