Changed opening hours in July

Due to acute and unexpected staffing problems, we will unfortunately have to close over noon for the next few weeks. This means that we will only open in the evening and there will also be no lunch for a while.

From next week Tuesday 06.07.2021 we will open our doors only from 17:00. This applies for an indefinite period until we have fixed our problems.

There´s no way without staff

Currently it is hart to find staff in restaurant business. Many have changed industries during the difficult times of short-time work and unemployment, and for many the situation is probably too uncertain and unstable to get involved again.

It was not an easy decision to cut down the opening hours.. But after four exhausting weeks, which were carried on the backs of only a few employees, we are now running out of capacity. The situation was already tense, but now there have been some unexpected twists and turns that we can no longer compensate for.

As a restaurant business, we can’t function without enough staff, try as we might. As is so often the case, in a crisis you learn how important the individual is to the entire system.

The changes are only temporary

We are working flat out to reposition ourselves and will reconsider if necessary to see if there is another solution for our lunch enthusiasts. As soon as something changes again, you’ll hear about it on our website and social media channels. With any luck, things will go back to normal in a few weeks.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to the next evenings with us. Because on a cozy summer evening you can also stand it very well in our beer garden 🙂

Your Nepomuk Team

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