Reopening on June 8!

Do you feel them too, those spring fever feelings? After a seven-month lockdown, the Nepomuk is finally coming back to life. We can hardly believe it ourselves, and after such a long time we already feel a bit rusty. But the thought of opening the doors to you again soon makes our hearts beat faster.
The past months have been hard, but Corona, short-time work and existential threats have not broken us. Instead, we are even more excited to get going again and to start with new ideas and concepts.

Our reopening is planned for June 8. From then on we are Tuesdays to Saturdays, 12:00 – 0:00 there for you again. Until then we are working hard on the preparations, because there is still a lot to do.

When the time comes, come by and celebrate with us! There will also be some small specials. We missed you and are looking forward to seeing you!

How it works:

At the beginning, not everything will run smoothly. We have to get used to many new rules and after such a long time the start is often bumpy. We hope for your understanding ūüôā

For the moment we will offer a limited menu and open from Tuesday to Saturday. Also, the number of tables inside and outside will be reduced. There is no reservation obligation at this time, but since the guest limit is quite restricted we recommend calling ahead.

Like everyone, we have to follow the current Corona regulations. This, of course, presents us with challenges and we rely on your cooperation. The following should be noted:

  • Before entering the Nepomuk, we ask you to wait at the entrance station for admission. There you will be accompanied by our service to your table.
  • A table inside is only available with an up-to-date test, complete vaccination or recovery within the last 6 months. By the way, there is a testing station directly across the street at Stuttgarter Tor.
  • As it currently stands, no test is required for a table in our beer garden.
  • We also offer take-away food, in that case no test is necessary. For take-away, simply wait for service in the designated waiting area.
  • Those who do not sit at the table must wear a medical face mask.
  • Every household has to leave their contact details.
  • There is an upper limit of people in the indoor area, which may not be exceeded.
  • As always, distance rules to other guests apply, as well as the rules for meeting households.

Of course, this is subject to change, as the rules are constantly updating. It is best to inform yourself about the applicable regulations.

We know that these rules demand a lot. It’s all very stressful for us, too. But we have no choice and must comply with the regulations, because we care about the health of our guests and employees and we can’t afford a penalty. So please understand that we cannot change these regulations and have to insist that they are adhered to.

If the incidences rise again

Of course, we are optimists and hope for a great summer together with you. But there is a possibility that the incidences will increase again and we will be forced to close one more time. If that happens, we will offer a take-away at short notice to avoid having to throw away the food we bought.

However, we will not be able to offer take-away in the long term. Past attempts have unfortunately shown that this is not profitable and practical for us. Then again, we are left to hope for the best.

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