Preserved jar dishes at fridi

New: Although we can’t open at the moment, you can now buy our preserved dishes at fridi Unverpackt! This way you can bring home delicious Nepomuk dishes in a beautiful preserving jar – or simply give them as a gift.

For some time now, we have been cooking soups, curries and stews in jars, giving us delicious and healthy ready-made meals to take home. If it has to go quickly or no desire to cook arises, the glass dishes are ideal, because they only need to be heated and are immediately ready to eat. Nevertheless, they are in no way inferior to a freshly cooked meal, because the soups, curries and stews are rich, filling and healthy!

In addition, they have a very long shelf life and can be well stored in stock. Canning is a proven method of preserving food. Our grandparents already knew that. That’s why the dishes do not need any preservatives.

Sustainable delicacies

Only genuine Nepomuk quality goes into the jars. We get most of the ingredients fresh, seasonal and from regional and responsible sources. Of course, no flavor enhancers are added. Leftover ingredients can also be used in the soups, curries and stews. This is how we avoid waste.

By the way, the packaging is much more sustainable than plastic or paper, because glass can be reused very often. To ensure that this happens, we charge a glass deposit of 3€ and thus achieve a cycle in which we can clean and refill the glasses again and again.

When we open again, you can buy the jars from us, until then you can pick up your jar dish at the unpacked store fridi Unverpackt in Reutlingen and Tübingen. With your purchase you support us!

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