New website!

Tadaa! We have already announced it, from today there is the promised change with us:
With pride we can present you our new WEBSITE! For many months we have been working on it, together with our dear former colleague Jakob from TezmoMedia, who has conjured us a modern, well-organized and appealing site.

Largely on a voluntary basis, we and a dedicated team have filled the pages with life over the past few months. It not only looks more modern, but also gives us new opportunities to transmit our values and content and to communicate with you. In the future, you will be able to find out everything about new events or the current lunch table here. There is also a complete English translation for all non-German speaking people. What else can you discover? Feel free to have a look around!

Our new address is:
No longer We are much more than just a cafe and since we want to show that to the outside world, we decided to change our domain. But don’t worry, the old domain will still work normally for a while.

The new website is also symbolic of a new start. We remain what we are, of course, but we are getting rid of some old, dusty things in order to rise from the crisis with new strength and new ideas. Your support encourages us not to give up and to look forward to the future again. Together with you we will make it!

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