Thank you all supporters!


A big thank you to our guests and sponsors!

Recently, we started a call for help: The lockdown has brought Nepomuk, which has been run with much heart and soul for almost 40 years, to the brink of insolvency – a unique situation in the long collective history. In this predicament, Hannah Möller actively supported us with an empathetic and understanding appeal in the Schwäbisches Tagblatt – the result was very overwhelming and touched us deeply! This is not only a great help, for which we thank all sponsors very much and which helps us further, but it is also an incentive for each of the 40 employees of our collective to fight for the survival of the Nepomuk. This support motivates us to persevere until we can open our doors again.

Keep supporting us! More info can be found here.

See you soon and thank you very much,

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