Save the Nepomuk!

The Corona crisis has hit us hard. After a year of painful losses, both financial and emotional, our struggle has become existential. Already last year, we were barely able to keep operations running during the lockdown months. Meanwhile, we can not even afford the take-away business anymore. Restrictions and limitations have left their mark on all remaining employees after a year of regulatory confusion. Even the financial aid by the government is unfortunately still delayed.

The Nepomuk has been an inherent part of Reutlingen’s gastronomic scene for almost 40 years, providing a colorful and diverse look to Reutlingen with its socio-cultural touch. Never in its long history has it actually been as endangered and dependent on the help of the community as it is now.

We need your financial aid! Your support can help preserve a part of your city that has grown organically over decades. Once it is destroyed, nothing can replace it…

By the way: We would like to give something back. All supporters will soon be able to receive a Nepomuk bag as a thank you. You can find more information here.

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